Ego Type 3

❤️‍🩹 CORE WOUND: desire invalidation
❤️‍🔥 TRIGGER: monotony
⚡ACTIVATING FEELING: feeling unheard
⛈️ CORE FEAR: dissatisfaction
🔮 DESIRE: fulfillment
 CORE STRENGTH: creativity


Your Ego is a

Purpose Seeker! 

You have an Ego Type 3, represented by the third layer of the ego shown below. This is the layer of your ego that is most susceptible to being activated, subsequently activating the layers that extend beyond it. 


The Anatomy of the Ego

The ego is the mediator of consciousness. Essentially, it is the ego that decides if you are capable of receiving the truth or if the truth must be hidden from your awareness. The ego is the gatekeeper, keeping from you any information which, if in your hands, may disrupt its efforts to ensure your survival.

The ego is comparable to a protective shield. It consists of six types, represented here by its six layers of protection. Every ego is comprised of all six layers of the ego. Each ego, however, maintains a different ratio of each layer.

Each layer of the ego develops in response to a persistent trauma during development, a core wound, that shapes the way you think, feel, and relate with yourself, the world, and others.

By understanding which layers of your ego are most susceptible to being activated and armed, you place yourself in the position to develop the awareness necessary to intervene and navigate your experience consciously.


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