Hi! I'm Dr. Shawdy

I’m an explorer by birth, a physician by training, and founder of Find Your Wholeness.

I create systems out of cognitive concepts that allow for the emotional growth necessary to optimize your mindset, honor your intuition, and feel good in your experience.

I've spent the last two decades studying the mind and body and the last 7 years dissecting and navigating my own psyche and working with patients for over thousands of hours to create content that demystifies the impact of the subconscious mind on both thought and behavioral patterns.

Self-growth is a lifelong process and was meant to be approached with childlike playfulness. Through my work, I hope to share with you the magic that comes with honoring yourself and choosing to stay playful especially when life gets heavy.

I am so excited you're here! This is the place to be to create a life that not only feels good but also celebrates your authenticity. We are experiencing a huge wave of awakening as a result of this stage of human evolution. Humanity is in the process of self-realization!

Self-realization is the process of uncovering and embodying your divine energetic expression in order to serve the universe in its expansion. You are playing your part by choosing to understand who you are and honor your divine authenticity. You are here for a very important reason!

By being here, you are doing your part to honor yourself and your truth. This emotional growthbook and all of the content I create will take you from feeling overwhelmed and depleted to empowered and energized!

This is where the magic happens - are you ready to own and trust your true being?